Welcome to cms.storeoborealis.com

We design and support websites for clients. Got a project?

  • dnn logo DNN development & support

  •  Open Store E-commerce Support

  •  mobile friendly responsive skin designs

  •  bootstrap, jquery ui-theme  and/or artisteer enhanced skins

  •  installations, deployments & upgrades

  •  seo & performance optimizations

  •  DNN modules/extensions

  • debugging & optimizations

  •  C#, VB.Net, PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, javascript, Bootstrap, Knockout, SQL, Entity Framework, Web API, REST, IIS, SQL Server

  • 3rd party API integrations
  • Azure Cloud support (Storage solutions, KeyVault secured applications, static websites, VM management, Durable Functions)

We are DNN evangelists and unless a client is already established we will choose DNN as the Content Management System best suited for most websites. Need convincing? DNN Customers

Key Features & Benefits:

  • open source community edition
  • mature & secure content management system
  • powerful built in social features
  • granular role based access
  • module development support for VS Developers
  • a vibrant support community
  • one of the most successful open sourced .NET projects ever built
  • stabile, maintainable, & extensible